Monday, December 27, 2010

Family and Friends

Christmas at my house was wonderful!!  My youngest daughter and granddaughter gave me a very thoughtful gift that will bring pleasure for years to come, my oldest daughter gave me a sorbet/icecream maker that I had been searching for, my husband was also very thoughtful and generous.  It is amazing to me that some people can find just the right gift that says,"I love you and want to make you happy"!    And then, after a wonderful Christmas day at home with my family, my young friend, Janeen accompanied me to see one of the great movies about the south.  I had never sat through all 4 hours of Gone With The Wind and to see it on the big screen was a special treat.  The music was great from the surround sound of the theater and the scenery of the burning of Atlanta and the countryside was breathtaking on the big screen!!  Young Clark Gable wasn't too bad, either!! She topped the day off with a hand-made scrapbooked calendar that will make the year special.  I feel especially blessed this year, everyone is growing and thriving, doing so well in school and work.  2011 will also bring another great granddaughter!