Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lyra Ann Byrd was born in New Jersey while her parents worked in New York.  Mother, Donna. came home when she awas 4 days old!  They stayed with us for awhile and then moved to Reno with Dad, Richard, and his parents.  I didn't see her very often, and next thing we knew she had a baby sister, Gienah.  I went to Reno to visit when Gienah was around 5-6 months old.  Lyra did NOT like me, she screamed whenever she saw me looking at her, no way could I touch her, pick her up!  Knowing a little about babies and toddlers, I didn't let it upset me--she didn't know me and I was picking up her new baby sister!  Mom and Dad moved the family to Oregon .  I next saw Lyra when she was around three.  She ran to me and hugged and kissed.  The following several years we wrote, sent photos and the two kids made cards for me.
One day Donna called me with a Lyra story--Lyra came to her crying, a small, almost invisible boo-boo.  Donna couldn't see anything  "What do you want me to do?" Lyra, "I want a bandaid!"  Mom, "I don't have any bandaids".  "Gramma has one!"  So from then on, for years, every card, letter, birthday present contained a box of bandaids. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010


If anyone has doubts about the effect off Disney-- When Sierra was about 3, she LOVED stories about Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and  Cinderella.  We watched the movies repeatedly!  Then we would act the stories out, whichever was her favorite at the moment.  She would lie on the couch or coffee table with a small bouquet of flowers in her hands crossed over her chest, pretending to be asleep.  Along comes Prince Charming (me) and see her! run to her! kiss her with "True Love's first kiss"!!  She would pop open her eyes, look at me, hug me, and I would lift her to my trusty steed (a rocking horse) and ride away to my castle with her.  And then we'd do it again!! We would spend many hours doing this.