Saturday, December 24, 2011


Today I was doing what I swear I will never do--shopping on Christmas Eve.  Just to the grocery store, but still!!  As I was looking at the meat (ca ching!!), I saw a cute little girl in a shopping cart being pushed by her mom.  Dad was near by, looking at the hams.  I cannot resist cute kids!!  I asked her if she was getting excited, waiting for Santa.  She said NO!  I was shocked!  A child in today's world who wasn't eagerly awaiting the big gift giver!! I asked are you sure?  She said yes!  Then she said naughty!
I looked at mom, she said the little girl had decided that she would rather be naughty and not recieve Santa's gifts than worry about being nice and get them!! I went on about my business, still shocked!  Then I began to think that maybe she wasn't so alone after all.  How many people are there out there who would rather the "freedom" of being naughty whenever they please rather than the work and responsibility of being nice and reap the reward of behaving themselves?

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