Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Sellars' Tenth Annual Eggstravaganza!!

  • One of my favorite holidays is Easter!  Beyond the spiritual meaning of the day, it is finally Spring!!  I don't  do cold! or gray and gloomy!  So, a great way to share my joy is to have all my friends and family come join us on this wonderful day and enjoy an egg hunt for the kids  and a BBQ for all in this humongeous back yard.  Sometimes when it's a little later in the year and therefore warmer, we have a water slide , other times we have had a jump house for the kids. This year, because of the rain and some families committment to others in the family, we had no waterslide and no jumphouse!!  We had a fun day inside!!  The kids were few, but we had a great time catching up on gossip and events of the year so far. 


ChaChaneen said...

It was a rainy holiday this year wasn't it? We hid the eggs in all the nooks and cranies of the house and the kids had a ball. We ate too much but made a memory! Sorry again that we missed spending it with you... still have to rotate with all the families. I know you remember how it was when your kids were little.

Donna Endres said...

it was fun, even if it was cold. next year we need to make sure all of the kids are around!
Janeen, just invite the other side of the family and we'll do it all together!