Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mean and Ugly

I greeted a young man recently with "Hi, Mean and Ugly!"  His response, needless to say, was not nice!!  I had been saying this to people I love for so long that I had forgotten that not everyone understood.  I though "Oh My Gosh!  I need to explain where this came from!!"  So I sat down, thought and thought and guess what!! I don't remember the very first time I heard this phrase!!   I remember a time when Donna brought "Oregon" down for a visit and they came to the school where I was working.  They found me in the faculty room, having lunch.  I turned to introduce them to my friends and to let my friends know just how proud I was of my beautiful granddaughters, and hopefully not embarras them toooo much, introduced them as "my granddaughters, Mean and Ugly!  This one's mean and that one's ugly!!"  Brought the house down and broke the ice for everyone to enjoy being together.  For many years when we had been apart for some time, when we could be together, I called them Mean and Ugly--never the same one each time.  If you want to see just how Ugly these young women are, go back about to April posting, you'll see!!  Love you Girls!!  Love you Don!!

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