Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting old--er

One of the many benefits of getting old--er is that you have many kids of several generations to compare!  I have two granddaughters that did not grow up close by, so we had to work hard to keep a relationship going.  When they would visit, we would do several things that had meaning to us and them.  One of their favorite things when they were about 8, maybe 9 was to take orders for dinner.  One of them especially,  Gienah, would be very serious.  She would put on an apron, get a tea towel draped over her arm, and with a pen and tablet would circle the room taking "orders" for dinner.  Even from me and I was the cook!!  What makes it cute? funny? was that 15 years or so later, a new granddaughter Sierra raised in my house!!  enjoyed doing the same thing!! And---4+ year old great granddaughter, also in my house in her turn, does the same thing!!  None of the girls knew each other--Gienah was 13 and lived in Florida when Sierra was born and Sierra was 6 and out of my house when Anaila was born!!  Does this mean that girls instinctively cater to the wants and tastes of the members of their family?  Did I forget to mention that these girls had different mothers and did not grow up together?


Tea Time With Melody said...

This is pretty cool! Weird how all that came about and followed each new generation.

ChaChaneen said...

Ha - what a hoot! Yep, I think it's instinctive to us girls~

Missed ya at church today! We had a great message and went to lunch afterwards. You were missed!