Friday, May 28, 2010

memories of Nick

Have you ever noticed that some times you make a very naive statement, and then had it come back and bite you?  For example, when I was 18 and newly married, a neighbor of my husband's family had had a "whoops" baby.  She was the same age as my youngest sister-in-law, and was very spoiled and self-centered.  I said, "if we ever go more than 5 years between babies, we'll not have any more"!!  From my mouth to God's ear--we had 4 kids in less than 6 years span!!
My oldest, Shari, waited for one reason or another to have her first (and only) child until she was 36 years old. All the years of watching and observing her nieces, nephew, and friends' children, etc., she had very definite ideas of what was proper child rearing.  She made an effort to see that we spent time with the baby boy at least twice a year, usually Easter time or so and then in November close his birthday.  The year he was about 3, maybe 4 they came out from Texas for the week of Thanksgiving.  We arranged to have a birthday celebration for Nick, invited the aunties and uncles and cousins over for ice cream and birthday cake.  The cake came in and resided on the kitchen table while we all had dinner.  A short time later, someone asked "aren't you concerned that the kids will get  into the cake?"  Shari says"No, MY baby wouldn't put his fingers in the cake!" Meanwile I had snuck around the corner to witness Nick--not putting his fingers in the cake, but his tongue!! 


ChaChaneen said...

ha ha - That's funny!

RAD Mom said...

The reason I waited so long to have a child is because I wanted to be MARRIED first! And, technically, I was 35 when he was born - for another month, anyway!