Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Do you see that sun?  No matter the temperature, I love the sun.  After all these years though. it doesn't love me!  I have learned the hard le3sson of SUNSCREEN!! After cleaning my face, I use a sunscreen, my facial moisturizer has it, my foundation has it, and the creme I put on my body has it!!  I also wear a hat, and generally stay out of the sun.  But from my view inside the house, I love it.  The kids go out and do their whoopin' n hollerin' outside!!

Mark is home!  He came up to visit from Miramar where he is based.  Next stop is North Carolina again.  The Navy is scrapping the helicopter he knows so he will go back to school to learn all the ins and outs of the new helicopter that will replace it..  At least no one will be shooting at him or setting roadside bombs for him to walk through.  I pray that by the time he is through with schooling and training, this mess will be over!!

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ChaChaneen said...

Yahoo for the rays of sun! I'm happy that M is home too, family can be at ease for the next few years!